CBD Muscle Salve 2oz (150mg CBD) – Violet Leaf & Basil New

CBD Muscle Salve 2oz (150mg CBD) – Violet Leaf & Basil

Soothe your muscles and joints with the Abinoid Botanicals CBD Muscles Salve. This CBD salve is pack..


Hydrating Hemp Face Serum (100mg CBD) 1oz New

Hydrating Hemp Face Serum (100mg CBD) 1oz

This anti-aging, extra hydrating Face Serum is simply amazing. Packed with 100mg CBD hemp oil, this ..


CALM & QUIET  DOG TREATS by Therabis New


Keep your pets calm throughout stressful situations with Therabis CBD Dog Treats. Developed by lifel..


Anti-Itching Supplement Stop The Itch New

Anti-Itching Supplement Stop The Itch

It’s not uncommon to see your pet scratching. The problem is when allergies and other irritants lead..


Bellisana's Blog
We're All in this Together

We're All in this Together

Bellisana 21/03/2018 0
It’s been just about a month since the Florida Shooting. Students marched on the Florida House, asking them to ban assault weapons, and were met with refusal when not a single Republican voted to even consider banning assault rifles. Of course, all the Democrats voted to consider banning assault rifles. I only mention this comparison as an example of how divided along party lines we’ve become, and I can’t help but feel like I’m watching a three-legged race and the participants are fighting about...
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Zen Space - The Office Bright and Fresh

Zen Space - The Office Bright and Fresh

Bellisana 27/01/2018 0
Now that I’m done with the clean out, I’m ready for the setup. This requires planning as well. Like I say, my office space is set up in a Ω shape. Once this space is set up to my specifications, I can reach anything I need to work on quickly and easily. Your space will reflect your goals and your personality.Part of setting up this space comes in the form of a vision board which I’ll talk about next time, but first, I get everything else cleaned and polished, so I can clear my head by clearing t...
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Tarot Bag - Draconis by Lo Scarabeo 6" x 9"

Beautiful artwork accents this wonderful bag for storing your tarot or other ritual tools in! This b..


Tarot Deck - Dragon Tarot by Donaldson/ Pracownik

Dragon Tarot by Donaldson/ Pracownik Capture the perceptive powers of the dr..


Rider Waite Tarot Deck & Book by Pemela Colman Smith

Celebrating the rich history and divinatory quality of the Rider-Waite Tarot this set contains the f..


Tarot Bag - Universal Tarot by Lo Scarabeo 6" x 9"

A wonderful bag designed for storing your tarot or other ritual tools in! This bag comes with a draw..


Tarot Cards in Tin by Barbara Walker

Barbara Walker Tarot reflects a unique feminist perspective of tarot with religious and pagan symbol..


Tarot Cards in Tin - Sun and Moon by Vanessa Decort

By playfully incorporating mythology and astrology, Vanessa Decort brings unique interpretations to ..


Tarot Cards in Tin - Aquarian by David Palladini

The compelling art deco imagery of the iconic Aquarian Tarot in a Tin, first introduced in 1970, is ..


Tarot Cards in Tin Wonderland Tarot by Abbey & Abbey

Join the mad tea party with the beloved characters of Lewis Carroll in The Wonderland Tarot, includi..


Spells from Pagan Realms
A Spell for Luck

A Spell for Luck

Bellisana 15/09/2017 0
With Mabon fast approaching, many of us are considering how we will celebrate. As for my house, we’re having a pot roast made with homegrown potatoes, carrots, and onion.  For those of you who know me, no, I did not grow these at “my” home. My thumb ...
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We are Belisana and Aeslin.  Bellisana has followed a solitary pagan path with a periodic connection to a coven for over 40 years, and Aeslin, a natural Gaian kitchen witch for 20.  Since we now live 1200 miles apart we realized that there are many people others  who feel separated from a community or who enjoy meeting open minded people of various faiths - so we created Pagan Realms to be a community site and source for ritual, spell, and spiritual needs for all types of Witches, Sages, Shaman, Buddhists, Christians, Healers - or anyone practicing their faith in the spirit of love and compassion

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